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Top tips you need to know to start a Celebrancy business

Starting your own Celebrancy business can be an exciting time! Celebrancy is a occupation people ponder and put off, often for years. We hear the excitement in people every day here at The Unleashed Collective as they travel through all facets of becoming a celebrant - with pride! We encourage you to take these steps sooner rather than later - you wont regret it!

The benefits of being a celebrant are;

-Having flexibility and a work life balance

-You can decide what styles of ceremonies you deliver

-You get to meet all types of people

-Opt to work casually, part-time or full-time

-There are plenty of places you can look for support and networking opportunities

-You will be your own boss - which is pretty awesome!

Before you start this journey, what do you need to know?

-Will the business be viable?

-Will I enjoy the role?

-What investment do I need to make to start the business?

-How long will getting established take?

-How can I take efficient action, today?

Lets explore these questions a little further....

To determine business viability you can do a analysis and projection. Looking at what tools and equipment will be needed to operate the business and asking how much will it cost? You can compare this against how much you will charge for each of your services and how much time you will invest into each client. An example average is below [Example guide only - pricing services and time frames will vary from person to person].

Analysis and Projection Example Only

Will you enjoy the role? Most people who venture into training as a celebrant start with the notion that the role will bring them lots of joy and it really does! You get to work with people when they are celebrating, from weddings to funerals and anything in between. Celebrancy is a celebration of life. Acknowledging a persons life and highlights through ceremony that you have designed and/or are delivering is very rewarding. You can add your flare and be yourself, often in beautiful locations.

What investment do I need to make to start the business? Based off the analysis and forecast you may on average invest 16-22 months and $2500 to get up and operating BUT of course you may be thrifty or slurp a little less or more.. These figures are examples only.

How can I take efficient action, today? Find a training organisation that meets your needs. Get enrolled and commence training. Check out the training organisations course and study support options to ensure it meets your lifestyle. Refer to our Blog Training to be a celebrant - Explained easily: Once you are enrolled, set up a time management plan and stick to it. Refer to our free download time management schedule: When you complete training you should feel ready to operate your business - your training should help you prepare portfolios of work, educate and prepare you to commence trade.

You can perform civil ceremonies such as Namings, Renewal of vows, or Commitment ceremonies while you complete your application via The Attorney Generals Department - Marriage Law and Celebrants Section [MLCS]. You can apply to the MLCS only after you have completed training. In the first month from the completion of training you will receive your certificate [this is a legal requirement]. Request your application via the MLCS, obtain your 3 references and commence the process of applying.

Apply for an ABN via and start setting up your marketing [do not advertise that you are a marriage celebrant until you are 100% appointed via the MLCS]. You can advertise as a Civil Celebrant or prepare to launch your marketing.

Marketing ideas could include;

-Setting up a Facebook account for business and scheduling posts

-Commence an Instagram page and storing images plus hashtags

-Create a Pinterest Board and plan a series of blogs

-Establish a logo and brand identity

-Join groups and networks on an offline

Your training should have given you all the right tools to set up for business operations for example The Unleashed Collective training have you develop your own business portfolio covering all facets of business operations and it is personal to you and your style. You also develop a celebrancy portfolio so you have a professional display of sample ceremonies and a tool box ready to greet new clients with!

From the day you receive your appointment - go live online. Hit the ground running. Network, ask your friends to share your posts and never look back. This is where the real fun begins! If you would like to know more check out our website, other blogs, pinterest and socials or give us a call to have a chat.

What ever path you choose, do something you will love as it wont feel like work and make sure you make to celebrate the wins and accomplishments along the way!

Signed The Unleashed Collective Team


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