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BSB50420   Diploma  of  Leadership and  Management

Course Duration: 12 Months



BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management contains a total of 12 Units. 6 Core Units and 6 Elective Units. 

This program is suitable for aspiring and existing middle managers, supervisors or those in a Leadership role. If you are responsible for managing teams, if you work in operations, planning or performance management, change management or manage a diverse range of staff this program is designed for you.  The Unleashed Collective will provide you with learning that will assist in your career advancement, workplace goals, professional development and will have impact personally.

The Leadership and Management course will compliment your existing skills to confidently lead your team, further assist your customer’s, and your projects effectively.


BSBCMM511 Communicate with influence

BSBCRT511 Develop critical thinking in others

BSBLDR523 Lead and manage effective workplace relationships

BSBOPS502 Manage business operational plans

BSBPERF502 Develop and use emotional intelligence

BSBTWK502 Manage team effectiveness


BSBTWK503 Manage meetings

BSBXCM501 Lead communication in the workplace

BSBOPS505 Manage organisational customer service

BSBSTR501 Establish innovative work environments

BSBTWK501 Lead diversity and inclusion

BSBSTR502 Facilitate continuous improvement


To enrol in this course the applicant must be 18 years of age at the time of enrolment and must be able to demonstrate during their enrolment that they hold the required skills to complete the program. An education level of year 12 (or equivalent) or Certificate IV, if not, experience in Leadership and Management within a work environment and access to a workplace. Being technologically literate with the ability to use word processing applications, the internet and access webinars both live and recorded plus be proficient in English – if English is not your first language, a satisfactory level must be achieved within LLN Assessment. All students must be willing to undertake an LLN prior to commencing the program.  Ask us about RPL or CT if eligible.


This course involves reading and undertaking written assessments plus interacting with others. Your studies will heavily rely on written communication. Language, Literacy and Numeracy is assessed prior to entry into any of our programs. This is a requirement to provide the correct level of support or referrals suitable to your application. Your enrolment will also involve an interview to ensure your suitability for the training.

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“Managers light a fire under people; leaders light a fire in people.”
― Kathy Austin


  • A few days face to face workshops

  • 12 months to complete the course

  • Structured distance learning

  • Regular and fun touch base sessions

  • Ongoing online/phone and video support

Training and assessment takes place in a classroom and involves discussions and group activities. Classroom based training also requires some self-directed learning, where further study and assessment activities are done by participants in their own time. 


additional webinars in place


  • Structured distance learning

  • 12 months to complete the course

  • Regular and fun touch base sessions

  • Ongoing online/phone and video support

The Unleashed Collective understands the need for flexibility when studying therefore we offer the course via distance education. Students will complete the written assessments in their own time and one of our experienced trainers will connect with the student where necessary to perform assessments or observations. Note: To be able to complete the course via distance, students must be employed within the industry.

Course Tuition Cost $7,500

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  • Practical Leadership and Management Skills 

  • Each unit includes a Portfolio/Project work that are developed over time and will aid in job-ready evidence to support you in your role. 

  • Students will also undertake an assessment of the skills and knowledge they hold on the topic, to show previous experience. 

  • Assessments will be gathered via Learning activities, Knowledge-Based Questioning, Portfolio of Evidence/Projects and any Practical Assessments.