Being a funeral celebrancy can be a very rewarding role. The Unleashed Collective provides two

Nationally Recognised units that will give you a head start in your role as a funeral celebrant.


In Australia, funeral celebrants do not need to hold a qualification, this course would be for those who would like to better understand the industry and would like to carry out their role with professionalism and pride.


A funeral celebrants role in most cases, is to create a ceremony that is individualised and commemorative. Performing a high standard of service, often in a secular setting. The Unleashed Collective will provide learning necessary to adapt to the role of a funeral celebrancy gracefully. After collaborating with others to piece together their most treasured resources – You will obtain templates to set your funeral services up to operate, cover legislation requirements applicable to Australian business, obtain orders of ceremony, samples of suitable inclusions, knowledge on how to gather feedback – along with trainers who are industry experts, you will receive funeral training packed with useful content and resources.


CHCCEL008 Plan present and evaluate funeral and memorial ceremonies, and

CHCCCS017 Provide loss and grief support

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There are no formal prerequisites, however, to successfully complete this course we request you hold basic computer skills and be capable of using word documents, opening, creating and saving PDFs, scanning and emailing documents.


You should have or be able to create an active email address and be savvy enough to ask for help or upload on your own video submissions – these form part of your assessments. A clear speaking voice and pace/tone control is important.

The Nominal Hours for the 2 units is 120 as suggested by NCVER [National Centre for Vocational Education Research].


Each learner will be assessed individually upon application to give The Unleashed Collective an idea of your goals, LLN skills [Language, Literacy and Numeracy] and to ensure the pathway is the best option for you – informing each stage of the process.

Be the best in your region by completing two nationally accredited units in funeral celebrancy.



  • 2 days face to face supervised workshops

  • 3 months to complete the course

  • Structured distance learning

  • Monthly contact

  • Ongoing online/phone and video support


  • Structured distance learning

  • 3 months to complete the course

  • Monthly contact

  • Ongoing online/phone and video support


  • Options for those Celebrants skilled already!

  • Contact us to have a chat.