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The concept of "Mothers Day" can make some people roll their eyes, with just how commercialized the day can be. Ann Reeves Jarvis, in times before the civil war, started a "Mothers Day Work Club" to teach mothers how to care for their children - this "club" became a driving force to celebrate "Mothers Friendship Day" promoting reconciliation and world peace...

So this idea gets you thinking, do mum's, on mothers day want gifts? I'm sure there are plenty that do. Do mum's want to spend the day with their children, or child free? Do some people miss their mum's, do mum's, miss their children? Are people childless and crave for that experience, are their people waiting by the phone, are some mum's not biological/are some dads, aunties, sisters... The list goes on and the answer is a big fat YES. Diversity is what makes us human, and we all celebrate in our own way and at times we may celebrate it differently than we did before... that it okay also!

I took note on Mothers Day as hundreds of people passed me by. People where enjoying each others company. Some had gifts, some had smiles, some holding hands. As I held my daughters hand [as I always do] and walked with my mother chatting, it was apparent that I was where I needed to be. We celebrate so many other significant rites of passage from birth, graduation, marriage, to burials [plus everything in between; initiation, puberty, adulthood, awarding, opening events, retirement, to name a few} - You have civil ceremonies, religious/spiritual ceremonies, interfaith ceremonies, non-denominational ceremonies, humanist ceremonies, same sex ceremonies, seasonal ceremonies - Mothers seem to fit perfectly, I mean, it forms a huge part of this thing we call the circle of life, but I cant help to think still that Mothers Day is everyday....

Here are your 6 REASONS WHY MOTHERS DAYS SHOULD BE CELEBRATED EVERYDAY [When using the word MUM below we are referring to any champion that fits in that position of MUM for you];

1. Who joined play group so you could interact and learn from an early age vital interpersonal skills [despite all the germs you picked up along the way]? Mum .

2. Who is standing by the sideline, in the waiting room, volunteering or waiting in the car at your after school activity? Mum, cheering you on as she knows how good that activity is for you!

3. Did your birthday parties, or any party, celebrate just you and only you, at any stage of life, and was mum the one behind all the preparation and fun treats? Of course she was!

4. When you where/are sick and need a hug, a blanket, a meal, or love, who do you call? Mum...

5. As you grow into a young adult, did one person understand you better than most, unconditionally?

6. Have you off loaded onto that one person constantly throughout life, and they never expected you to listen to their sorrows? In life and in death we do this...

We could keep going BUT these are some of the reasons why Mothers Day should be celebrated everyday. For the endless time, for the knowing, for the care and because if she passes before you, how much she will be missed.

Treat each other with love and respect, celebrate that one person who is always there, let them know how much you care and use the skills you have been given throughout the years to share with someone else.....

Now the concept of "Mothers Day Work Club" seems like the most innovative ritual of its time!




If becoming a celebrant sounds like a fun career move you can find out more via the link; The Unleashed Collective offers a modern approach to celebrancy training. Offering mixed mode and distance learning options, where students have 18 months to complete their studies of 10 modules - with the assurance of ongoing support!

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