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Community over competition, as the saying goes, and don't you just love it - we do!

So how do you stay connected when starting or operating a celebrancy business, when mostly you are running a solo operation!?

Celebrants are now 72% more likely to be used over religious or other ministers here in Australia - so we are needed individuals. People are enjoying the flexibility that celebrants can offer in a service BUT do we know enough to offer such diverse services?

This is where networks come in! Having extended networks that can answer questions, offer support, encouragement, hear you out when frustrated or excited - is what we all need from time to time. There are also those times when we fall ill and need a replacement celebrant to step in and take over.

Having a tribe can lead to opportunities of work, collaboration, events, education, and best of all friendships!

Now, how do you find your tribe - here are our 5 hottest tips;

#1 Go to Facebook; you can search for groups by typing in the word celebrant in your search bar and searching through the suggested options. You may find that the number of members interest you, the look and branding/content being shared interest you. Here are a couple of our favourites;

-Jennifer Claire Coaching

-The Celebrants Collective

-Marriage Celebrants Australia

-Business Business Business

#2 Now check the Facebook groups out on Instagram. This is where their real funk comes out. Any cool pictures/events/fun happening? Does it suit your needs?

#3 Check out the Celebrancy Associations, all are listed on the Attorney Generals website; Or attend one of the Association OPD or conferences to get a vibe of their services.

#4 OPD Training [Ongoing Professional Development], attend the face to face sessions and start building networks via the people you gel with at these events. OPD training providers are listed on the Attorney Generals website;

#5 Search locally - what are your local celebrants doing? Is there a community get together in your region? If celebrants are not networking consider starting your own group or search for established business networking groups.

Creating a community around your business will build the awareness of your celebrancy service into the region. Get involved in the groups you join, participate proactively - be that person who helps out, supports others, cheers others on - this is what networking is all about, after all!




If becoming a celebrant sounds like a fun career move you can find out more via the link; The Unleashed Collective offers a modern approach to celebrancy training. Offering mixed mode and distance learning options, where students have 18 months to complete their studies of 10 modules - with the assurance of ongoing support!

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