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Training and catch-up coaching sessions are available to any enrolled student.

These sessions can be booked at any time of your enrolment period to get through your training or to be coached in an area of the program you are enrolled in.

This booking system is being provided to you as another way to gain access to the support that The Unleashed Collective offer its students.

The Unleashed Collective have the right to change appointment times at their discretion and with as much notice as possible given.

It is preferred that appointments are not booked on the same day as requested unless an email confirmation to The Unleashed Collective has been received, as a trainer/assessor or coach may not be available at short notice.

Please specify in the comments what module you wish to work through or if a coaching session is being booked. Feel free to add additional comments so your trainer/assessor is as prepared as possible to cater for your session.

Training sessions tend to be 1 hour in duration and coaching 30 - 45 minutes.