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Students say they feel: Supported, Knowledgeable, Amazing, and Encouraged by The Unleashed Collective


The Unleashed Collective facilitates relevant, and practical training, contextualised around your business needs. 

In every aspect of course delivery, from the enrolment and commencement process, to the variety of study options, we are well structured; giving participants the confidence to apply their knowledge in resourceful ways, that reflect individual learning, and business objectives. 

We achieve this by facilitating quality, industry-informed learning, in ways that are enjoyable, fun, interactive, collaborative and current, to ensure participant success, and sustainable outcomes (With support along the way, and beyond the classroom). 

Our goal, is to equip participants with practical tools and knowledge, with immediate, transferable application; to build an efficient, competent, and confident workforce. 


The Unleashed Collective are offering a unique training experience to existing workers who; 

- have been in their current role for 12 months or more, or 

- have experience in the past three years in a matching role, or 

- have supervisor or management experience (in the past three years), or 

- are transitioning into a new role.


For a limited time, training programs are being offered at cost price, exclusively to a select few organisations.

The Unleashed Collective is currently refining its unique service offerings, delivered to ensure an enjoyable, tailor-made, and flexible experience, that delivers positive results in business.

Does your organisation need training in Business, Human Resources, Leadership and Management, Microsoft Office products, or other areas such as public speaking? Or, with all the disruption caused by the pandemic, are your staff feeling under skilled?

Until the end February 2023, The Unleashed Collective is facilitating quality, highly discounted training packages.  

We also offer RPL options (Recognition of prior learning) that allow for current skills to be recognised; saving staff time on training. And, we structure training upfront, so that everyone is onboard, and clear regarding intended outcomes, and their application.  

So please, connect with us to discuss how we can support growth, build strategic alignment, and gain a greater return on your investment! Let us take the lead on your training needs, so you can focus on other areas of your business. 


Some organisations take on the cost of training for their employees others will offer training opportunities as an incentive, especially at this heavily discounted rate. 

Organisations or individuals can be invoiced in full or via no interest payment plans.


1. Each student will receive a one-on-one assessment to identify what existing skills, knowledge, and qualifications they have. 

From here (where possible), where there is evidence that previous workplace skills and knowledge have been demonstrated; aim to reduce the training required, thereby saving time by eliminating units covered by previous experience.  

This is known as RPL (Recognised prior learning), or CT (Credit transfer) for those who hold units of the same subject title.  The RPL process is a simple step by step process, lead with an experienced trainer/assessor.

2. The program is contextualised to the student’s workplace. The CEO will meet with you to identify key training needs and staff roles, to ensure the project is workplace relevant, and can be immediately applied to the employees’ workload.

3. The program has 3 stages;

  • Identify RPL or CT for those that it applies.

  • Students undertake theory, and workshops - Q&A, learning, and practical.

  • A workplace relevant project is completed for each unit, to ensure learning can be applied immediately into practice. 

  • LLN assessment occurs at the time of enrolment to provide the student with appropriate and relevant support for their learning needs. LLN also allows the trainer to understand how the student learns, so workshops can be adapted to their needs.






Nationally Recognised Accredited Training Programs

BSB40120 Certificate IV in Business

12 months


BSB50120 Diploma of Business

12 months


BSB40420 Certificates IV in Human Resources

12 months


BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management

12 months



Nationally Accredited Skill Sets

BSBSS00100 - Business Operations Support Skill Set

6 months


BSBSS00105 - Human Resources Foundations Skill Set 

5 months


BSBSS00133 - Organisational Disruption Support Skill Set

3 months



Non-accredited Training Workshops

Business Planning Workshop

8 x 1.5hr sessions

Contact us for more information


Intermediate Microsoft Word Workshop

1 full day

Contact us for more information


Beginners/Intermediate Microsoft Excel Workshop

1 full day

Contact us for more information


Beginners Microsoft PowerPoint Workshop

1 full day

Contact us for more information


Public speaking workshop



2 x 2 hour sessions



This range of programs above, can be packaged to meet your business needs. 

So, to start the conversation today; simply complete the enquiry application attached to this link  


Students have 12 months to complete the 12 unit programs, but can complete earlier if capable and driven. Extensions past 12 months will incur $125 fee per month. It is in our best interests to see students complete on time; and we thrive on successful completion rates, so will encourage participation regularly, and ask for your support in the same way.

Ideally, a two-hour workshop is provided each month for 12-unit programs, scheduled on a day that suits your organisation. Participants should be given an opportunity at work to complete the program. This allows the program to be a collaborative experience, giving each student an opportunity to participate, as well as applying their learnings in their workplace environment. 

We have found this to be the key to successful training outcomes, for both the employer and the student; and that an average of 5 hours per month to be a suitable amount of course time, allocated during work hours. Distance education is also an option for students who like to work independently. 

The assessor will want to observe some activities (when required to be ticked off) in the workplace as these can be a requirement by law for training and study that is nationally recognised. These dates will be identified, discussed, and booked in advance for all relevant parties.

A flexible and versatile training delivery mode is provided to all students. 


Not everyone loves training or even has the time, and some people need to develop their skills, and others would love to be able to develop their skills but don't have the opportunities presented to them. 

The Unleashed Collective are experts in creating user friendly content, with a personal journey to ensure students want to complete, and reach, their personal goals. You can reflect on this statement by checking out our Google reviews, or view our other community involvement projects by surveying our social media, our volunteering for the State Training Awards Committee, and setting up Implementation Projects for Community Service Projects. 

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